How many of you still remember the old days, when a BuenZli was equal to having a sunday afternoon in the countryside of switzerland, being disturbed only by neighbours and cows? Now many years have passed since, you got used to hotels, dark cave rooms, unhealthy atmosphere and power failures, illegal parking and crumsy "space partitioning".

Time do do something new. Time to revive old times.

This time, BuenZli #7 will ultimatively revive the feeling of the good old days, letting you out in the green, where the milk is not yet coming out of brick boxes and where people still don't know what partying means. We'll have the biggest and finest Swiss party ever, in the best, biggest and loudest room you've ever seen [who believes this, anyway].

And, be noticed, this BuenZli will last for THREE days!

And remember well: DON'T FEED THE PARROTS !